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FileParade is a platform that helps you find the software you’ve been searching for. FileParade not only offers a vast catalog of thousands of free programs to choose from, but makes it easy to download them. While you install any application, you will be offered installation services to enhance your search browsing experience. These services include a customized homepage, new tab, alternative default search and search protect. During installation, you will also receive special offers that may be of interest to you. These include shopping comparison tools to help you pay less for products; desktop and system utilities; games and mobile apps; the latest social connectors; recipes; internet security software; and more. No download will occur without your consent, therefore we have made accepting or skipping offers clear and easy. Similarly, downloaded offers can be easily uninstalled. For uninstall instructions, please visit http://www.fileparade.com/UnInstall.aspx.

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We at File Parade want to maintain the highest quality possible with our catalog of freeware and shareware listings. We are very interested in hearing from our visitors about potential problems with any of the software listed on our site. Whether an item doesn't work as advertised or you just don't think a listing belongs on our site, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

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